Cost Efficiency of renting a car

Car Rental Markham is one of the most efficient services which is gaining popularity. Since cities are growing at a fast rate every day, it has lead to a rising demand in the car rental industry. Now, with the increasingly enhanced road networks, most people want to go out on trips, both leisure and business trips. Buying a car just doesn’t seem as practical in the fast-paced world we live in. Every day, a new model is introduced making the previous one look outdated in comparison. That’s where renting a car seems like a better option. You can easily arrange trips without facing the hassle. If you are an adventure traveler, you can easily rent a car on-the-go.

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Benefits of Renting a Car:

Cost-Efficient: Buying your own car can cost you a thousand dollars while renting one might not even count as much. Car rental Markham ensures that you can always rent a car when you’re on the move. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your car or parking it. Just rent it and you’re all set. This is especially handy for those who travel a lot for meetings and don’t want to splurge their hard-earned money so easily. It is fuss-free and gives you the ability to spend the money only when you want to. Not only that, it’s really handy for trips, given that you can drive in a luxurious rented car anywhere, anytime and make the most out of your trip.

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Advance Booking: Car Rental Markham have the added benefit of booking in advance. If you’re a forgetful person, worry not, you’re covered. You can easily find the best deals and discounts when you pre-book your car. This also helps you double-check that everything is in place. You can book your rental car months before and just wait for the day to arrive. Advance booking also ensures that you have a wide selection of cars and low price ranges to choose from.

Ease of Travel: With the amazing car rental Markham services, you can have an amazing time wherever you go. You can stop anywhere you like and pitch a good, ol’ tent! Moving to a new location is much less of an issue than if you rent a car. If you’re someone who travels on business, renting a car saves you from the trouble of going through paperwork everywhere you go. You can just rent it as long as you’re at that particular place and when you’re moving, you would have one less errand on your list. It’s definitely more practical to rent a car if you plan on going on a vacation.

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Amenities:   Car Rental Markham ensures that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your car. There is a plethora of cars available at your disposal, fully equipped with the latest safety features. It is also ensured that the car is inspected for issues beforehand so that you have a smooth and satisfactory experience. You can also enjoy using the most efficient technology such as GPS Navigation so that your journey ends on a happy note!

Features of an Armoured car

Are you thinking of traveling in an armoured car? The idea to travel in an armored car is nothing new. Since ages, this practice has been followed. Previously armored cars were used by military officials. The use of armored tanks can be seen from the time of World War I. After that, its usage expanded greatly. Law enforcement officials started to use this kind of vehicle for combating any untoward incidents. Similarly, important people like politicians’ to government officials are making use of bulletproof vehicles. Even regular civilians are using armored cars in order to travel safely through any risky zones.

Armored Cars

As you might know that the concept for armored cars is not a new thing. The whole car is armored so that it can provide complete protection to the people from all kind of threats. Basically, the armoring is done simply depending on the level of protection that the customer might require. For instance, a Presidential limousine comes with a5 level of armoring. Thus, it can easily withstand several rounds of bullet shots from AK 47 rifle.

How Is a Car Armored?

From a distance, it becomes very hard to distinguish between an armored car and a normal car. It’s because of the discreet style of the armored car which helps to protect its identity. However, if one takes a close look, one will get that armored cars come with a host of features, such as armored chassis, bulletproof glass, and more.

In order to learn the way a car is armored, one needs to learn about its armoring features.

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Ballistic Steel

Galvanizes ballistic steel which has been hardened is used for preparing the body of the vehicle. This allows the vehicle to easily withstand corrosion and even high temperature. In fact, occupants won’t even get harmed.

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Run Flat Tires

In order to help the armored car escape any tense scenarios, flat tire inserts are used. This means even if the tires are attacked by the attackers, the vehicle can easily run a long distance with the flat tires.

Gun Ports

Some bulletproof vehicles can come with unnoticeable gun ports. It can be used by the security guards in order to fight with the attackers.

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Car Glass

The car glass of any armoured car is made bullet resistant. The thickness of the glass greatly depends on the level of protection one desires. A B7 bullet resistant glass won’t allow any bullets to penetrate inside the car. The glass windows can be opened only few inches.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is armored so that it doesn’t catch fire in the event of an attack or collision.

Roof and Floor

Roof and floor is also made ballistic proof so that the car doesn’t explode and injure the occupants.

It can be stated that before starting the armoring process, the whole car is gutted down. Ballistic steel is used for the entire body of the armoured car as steel is much stronger than composite materials. In fact, even the seats, engine, and dashboard are encased with an armoring cover. This is done so that the occupants remain completely protected from any threats.